The Dimension of Floral Sheeting Brings Your Design to Life!

You get it all with the Freshest Idea in Visual Merchandising - Floral Sheeting!

Floral sheeting is a unique, lightweight sheet of vinyl with die-cut petals that are securely glued to the surface. The result is an eye-catching, dimensional material that practically begs to be touched.

This fantastic material attractively covers any surface at a low cost and is easy to cut with no fraying and no need to hem!

Our clients have used Floral Sheeting to create backdrops for window displays, cover tables to highlight special products, wrap and build props, and to enhance product photography. Available in an array of standard, metallic and specialty colors. Floral Sheeting is produced in 3 foot x 30 foot rolls in more than 35 different colors to coordinate with your theme or brand.

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Jodi Baker
National Accounts Manager